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Giving Back to Our Players!

We're giving away thousands of dollars worth of instruments and gear from some of the biggest names in the industry. Tell us which prize you're interested in and you'll be entered to win! Sign up now!


The Ultimate Gear Giveaway is here!

We've partnered with leading gear manufacturers from across the industry to make this list of prizes available to those we value the most: our players!

Choose which of the following you’d like to win: 

  • Epiphone Jared James Nichols "Gold Glory" Les Paul Custom
  • Deering "Goodtime" 5-String Banjo
  • Kanile'a "Willie K" Super Tenor Ukulele
  • Taylor 214ce Acoustic Electric Rosewood Guitar
  • Roland RP-102 Digital Piano
  • JHS "Milkman" Slap/Echo Delay Pedal
  • JHS "Moonshine" Overdrive Pedal
  • Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive Pedal


Sign-up ends on 11/18 at 12:00 pm PST. Enter now!

See Contest Rules for details.