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Guthrie Trapp: Country Guitar
"5 Day Challenge"

Guthrie Trapp is challenging  you to 5 days of guitar playing. Throughout this series, he teaches 5 days of playing over chord changes, outlining chords and soloing over multiple styles of music. Sign up and get a new lesson straight to your inbox for the next 5 days.  Join now!


What is the 5 Day Challenge?

  • • For 5 days, Guthrie teaches you to navigate your guitar neck and breaks down how to play over different chord changes.
  • • You'll receive a new lesson to your inbox for 5 days in a row, helping you to unlock your guitar neck, see it and approach it with new eyes.
  • • Daily video lessons progress through concepts focusing on how to outline chords and  play over different styles of music.
  • • In 5 days you'll have the tools to take your playing to the next level.
  • All levels of player are welcome - there's something for everybody here!

You get permanent access to these videos - FREE!

Reviews from Our Learners

ArtistWorks is as close as you can get to personal instruction with musicians and other professionals at the very top of their game. Personally, I have been thrilled to be able to have constructive feedback from a Jazz guitar legend. Highly recommended.

- Steve Higgs

Reviews from Our Players

Excellent teaching and feedback. I'm impressed about how accurate my teacher can nail my technical and musical challenges from my submitted video without being in the room together with me. Best technical teaching I have had ever. My piano playing has improved.

- Aslak

Reviews from Our Players

Mind blown. I never thought about breaking things down that way Guthrie. This changes everything.