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 Alternating Thumb Roll Exercises

Learn to expand the range of your thumb to get fuller rolls across all 5 strings.

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PastedGraphic-13-1.pngFoggy Mountain Breakdown Roll

Learn to play the most famous banjo roll from one of most important songs in Bluegrass.

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Advanced Improvisation

Improvisation is all about having different approaches and tools to pull out at the right time. In this lesson Tony applies improv to the Bluegrass standard “Little Maggie.”

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 Straight Time Vs. Bounce Time

Learn the difference between straight and bounce time playing to increase your range of feel and master the bluegrass sound. 



Hammer-On Etudes

The hammer-On is one of the most critical techniques for banjo. This exercise will show you how to get them sounding natural and fluid.



Melodic Scale Patterns

Melodic scale patterns come in really handy when playing fiddle tunes or improvising melodically. Learn all the right hand and left hand benefits with these scale patterns.

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