Boom Chuck

 Boom Chuck 

Learn about the classic Boom Chuck - the cornerstone of all bluegrass rhythm guitar playing. Bryan gives you some background on the sound and then teaches you how to incorporate it into your playing.



Turkey in the Straw

Turkey In The Straw 

This is one of the first songs Bryan learned on guitar and it's a classic old bluegrass tune. Bryan plays through it then shows you a basic version of how to play the A part like a pro. 

Strums & Scales

 Feel Exercise

Bryan shows you a challenging exercise that combines strumming with single note playing. This will strengthen your internal rhythm and help you stay consistent with your flatpicking. It will also open the door to improvisation.



Hammer and Pull

Hammer and Pull

Hammer-ons and Pull-offs are a great way to add embellishment to your playing. Bryan shows you an exercise in the Key of G to help you build your strengh and speed so you can play them with ease. 


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Video Exchanges 

Watch the videos below the lessons for real examples of what it's like to get feedback on your playing from Bryan Sutton. You'll see the student submission followed by Bryan's response video.