Hand Interval

Hand Interval Exercise

Nathan gives you 2 things to always strive for with vibrato and points out some areas of weakness to focus on. No matter what kind of vibrato you use, following this advice will enhance your sound. 

Common Bluegrass Runs

Common Bluegrass Runs

Intonation has everything to do with producing a great sound. Here Nathan breaks down the concept and shows you how to deal with difficult passages that just won’t seem to stay in tune. 

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Solo vs Standard Tuning

Solo vs. Standard Tuning

This is an advanced piece with a challenging tempo and Nathan gives you some things to help. Everything you’ve learned about coordination and stamina will come into play here.

watch Missy give feedback to a student on their playing

Student Video Exchange Submission

These lessons include Video Exchanges® between Missy and his students. Imagine yourself in this picture!