Basic Strumming  - IntroductionBeginning Lesson: Basic Strumming 

Get familiar with one of the most important aspects of playing ukulele: strumming. Plus check out sample Video Exchange someone sent in with a great strumming question.  


Hawaiian LickIntermediate Lesson: Hawaiian Lick 

Craig shows you how to play a classic Hawaiian lick using hammer-ons and pull-offs. Also check out a sample Video Exchange someone sent in from Hawaii! 

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Dominant Chord ScaleAdvanced Lessons: Dominant Chord Scale 

Sarah shows you a fun way to play scales using chords. This will get you making smooth transitions between chords and playing up the neck. 

Check out sample Video Exchanges below the lessons!

Student Video Exchange Submission

These lessons include Video Exchanges® between Craig & Sarah and their students. Imagine yourself in this picture!