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Learn from 3 Guitar Masters in ROCK, BLUES and COUNTRY!

$60 for all three!


Here's What You Get in the Guitar Trio Plan:

Everything electric guitar players need in one "power bundle" that includes:

  • Nashville Country Guitar Lessons with Guthrie Trapp
  • Rock Guitar Lessons with Paul Gilbert 
  • Blues Guitar Lessons with Keith Wyatt
  • Tablature and other lesson resources/materials
  • Play-Along/Backing Tracks to practice with
  • Custom riffs and licks within each course
  • Live Performance footage and Interviews with other artists
  • Exclusive Members Discounts and Special Offers


Get all 3 for $60


The Details

Access hundreds of video lessons

Each guitar course has a huge library with hundreds of recorded lessons representing each guitar teacher’s lifetime of experience. The basics, great techniques, advanced skills and everything in between!

Lesson Resources

Each guitar course includes written study materials and/or tablature for optimal learning. You'll also get backing tracks to practice with - all professionally recorded by masters of their instrument.

Learn from Video Exchanges

Our three "Power Trio" guitar teachers have completed many Video Exchanges with online guitar students from around the world and you get to see what they were taught. 

Reviews from Our Players

Artistworks is as close as you can get to personal instruction with musicians and other professionals at the very top of their game. I don’t know how some of the busy, concert class performers find the time to give such detailed and student specific video feedback. Personally, I have been thrilled to be able to have constructive feedback from a Jazz guitar legend. Highly recommended.

- Steve Higgs

Reviews from Our Players

Excellent teaching and feedback. I'm impressed about how accurate my teacher can nail my technical and musical challenges from my submitted video without being in the room together with me. Best technical teaching I have had ever. My piano playing has improved.

- Aslak

Reviews from Our Players

ArtistWorks is a wonderful learning tool. It is very inspiring to have a top professional artist share their knowledge with you and give feedback if you want it, on music that you are working on.

- Eddie


Power Trio Price

1 Month

  • Unlimited access to over 500 guitar lessons
  • Access to multiple Video Exchanges in each course
  • Unlimited backing tracks 
  • Music Theory workshop
  • Lesson Resources: Backing Tracks & Tab
  • Exclusive Membership Offers and Discounts
  • Option to upgrade membership to Video Exchange
$60/month for all 3 guitar courses
*Billed every month