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The complete practice bundle for any musician!

Join some of music's most celebrated players and educators as they walk you step-by-step through a real-time practice routine. These packets were designed to help you practice with purpose and achieve a true difference in your playing. Accompanying audio tracks and written materials are included in each packet. 
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Each Packet Includes:

  • A Step-by-step, guided practice video
  • Play-along backing track .mp3's
  • Tabs, notation and other written materials
  • A 'Learning Outcomes' overview .pdf
  • 'Digital Insert' with info and exclusive code



Packets are 100% free and instantly downloadable. Claim yours now!

Highlights from Our Teachers

"Teaching with ArtistWorks has been an opportunity for me to share everything I know with the world of guitar players. I’m happy to have a direct impact on so many players around the world!"

- Bryan Sutton, Grammy Winner, Bluegrass Guitar

Highlights from Our Teachers

"I've covered over 30 years of experience in my course here at ArtistWorks. This is online learning at its highest form! My students are learning a lot and so am I. Breaking things down from start to finish has been invaluable."

- Guthrie Trapp, Grammy Winner, Nashville Country Guitar

Highlights from Our Teachers

"ArtistWorks allows me to listen to the student and make customized lessons that work for their exact level. Many students are surprised that I really listen to their playing and work directly with them on a path forward in their musical journey."

- Paul Gilbert, Grammy Winner, Rock Guitar