Ride Symbol TechniqueRide Symbol Technique 

Think of the ride cymbal as the heartbeat of jazz drumming. It's the pulse which adds swing and feel to the music. 

Hat TricksHat Tricks

Explore some different ways to play hi hats with the foot pedal. Peter shows you how to play outside the standard 2 and 4 beats. 

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Slow Jazz BluesSlow Jazz Blues - 4/4 Time

With slower tempos it’s important to know how to fill up the spaces between the notes. Peter demonstrates how to play a slow jazz blues as an example.

D2459088-38E4-4A1C-B5D1-E60AD5CADE6A.png  Practice Pads: Warming Up with Rudiments

Peter shows you a great warm up routine using rudiments that you can do even when you don't have your drums around.