Basic Shifting, Part I

Shifting is the ability to move up and down the fingerboard smoothly while playing. John gives a little exercise that will help you learn to shift with ease and stay in tune while shifting.

*Includes sample Video Exchange! 



Beg. Electric Bass - Basic Sound Production 3: Finger Exercise with 5ths & 3rds (Spider)

A ‘finger-busting’ exercise using inverted 5ths that will help you learn to sustain and not clip your notes.


 Walking Bass Part - Cell

John presents ‘cells’, or 4 note patterns, in a blues style that will help you jam with other musicians.


Arpeggios for Common Chords Found in Jazz

John goes over Arpeggios and chord symbols for the common chords used in Jazz to help you read a lead sheet or bass part when playing the bass.


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